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New York State Representative Resigning Amid Charges of Sexual Harassment

In what seems like a bad week for New York politicians (See Patterson, David; Rangel, Charles), it is being reported that Congressman Eric Massa from Upstate New York is planning to resign on charges that he sexually harassed a male staffer.

Massa, who is a freshman Democratic Congressman, is married with two children, made the announcement after the House Ethics committee was notified of the complaints of the staffer, and intended to conduct an investigation into these claims.

Massa was previously diagnosed with terminal cancer, but had stated that he has made a complete recovery and has been cured.

While its not very surprising to find another member of Government caught up in a career ending scandal, the fact that Massa had sexually harassed another male coworker depicts the rise of male/male sexual harassment in our society, and the serious ways these claims are being treated.

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