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New York Set To Increase Unemployment Benefits

New York State is set to extend coverage of unemployment benefits, as State lawmakers announced last week. The vote today ensured that over 100,000 New Yorkers would continue to receive unemployment benefits after they were previously scheduled to run out at the end of the month.

The extension, drawing on over $645 million dollars in Federal Funds designed to help unemployment, is aimed at helping those that have been collecting unemployment for over a year, while the rest of the money is geared towards solving the gap between funds and budgetary restrictions in the unemployment programs.

The decision to apply these funds came after lawmakers could not agree on a way in which to fix the unemployment program in New York State.

However, the extension of these benefits come at a difficult time, with some wondering what good extending benefits will be as more new employees are added to unemployment rolls. Many say that by extending unemployment further, people will be less likely to seek out work and get comfortable with their unemployment payments.

The Obama administration is also pushing for changes to the unemployment laws, stating that states can qualify for unemployment when their state rate goes above 6.5 percent. Obama also wants states to process unemployment for people who move out of state to follow a spouse for job related reasons, or for people who must leave work to take care of elderly and sick relatives. The expansion of these benefits is good news to individuals who fall under these difficult circumstances.

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