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New York Restaurateur Cipriani Faces Wage Lawsuit

In a class action lawsuit filed in Federal Court this week, famed New York restaurant group Cipriani is under fire for allegedly underpaying workers, withholding wages, and failing to pay proper overtime to numerous workers. The lawsuit is another in the ongoing legal troubles for the group of restaurants, whose owner has not returned to New York for nearly 9 months while living abroad. Numerous other employees have come forward alleging underpayment of wages, and the group has also had trouble with the landlord of the Rainbow Room, where they have recently lost their lease.

This is also another staggering example of the out of control culture of corruption that exists in the New York dining world. It almost isn’t even news anymore when a restaurant is found to have systematically taken advantage of its workers, and denying pay and overtime.

Maybe we should start a diner’s hall of shame around New York City, alerting diners to the violations found at restaurants around the city and allow them to make decisions based on where workers are treated fairly.

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