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New York Restaurant Wage Violations Continue to Pile Up

Parlor Steakhouse, a well-received restaurant on the Upper East Side, is party to another lawsuit by employees claiming that the restaurant had withheld wages that fell below minimum wage, and pooling the tips of servers.

The complaint, filed on April 28th, alleges that the Parlor Restaurant violated the Fair Labor Standards Act by paying a wage under the required minimum. This is just another in the long line of restaurants that have taken advantage of the particular situation waiters are often put in. The FLSA states that tipped employees can make no less than $2.13/ an hour, and must receive over time for all hours worked over 40 hours.

Other restaurants have been taken to court over these violations, ranging from Justin Timberlake’s Southern Hospitality, to Nobu, Saigon Grill and many other area restaurants. The particular nature of the server pay structure makes it ripe for abuse. If you feel that you have been cheated out of tips or paid unfairly, contact an attorney today.

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