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New York City Unemployment Goes Kafka-esque.

The New York Press recently published an amusing, if not dramatic look at the dark realities of trying to collect unemployment in New York City. On his experience dealing with the sheer bureaucracy of the system, Daniel McCarthy writes:

“Many collecting benefits never visit the Department of Labor in Manhattan, but after a recent lapse in payment, I was told it was mandatory that I come to the downtown offices located on Varick Street to sort out the matter. Offices run by the state are notoriously difficult to deal with-or at the very least make the customer service representatives for online gambling sites seem warm and caring in comparison-and now I see why. Actual interaction with certain temperaments at the Department of Labor’s downtown digs is something straight out of Kafka’s The Trial.”

The article goes on to describe the labyrinthine process of going down to the Unemployment Office just to reach someone on the phone. Do you have any crazy unemployment experiences, or have been given the run around by the system? Let us know in the comments below.

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