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New York City Thai Restaurant Accused of Underpaying Workers

Another New York City restaurant has been cited for a variety of wage violations, following close on the heels of dozens of other restaurants who have violated Federal and State labor laws. A lawsuit filed by New York State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo alleges that Lemongrass Grill, a chain of Thai restaurants in downtown Manhattan systematically failed to pay workers a minimum wage, as well as failed to keep records of hours and personnel.

An article in the New York Times states that delivery persons would make as little as 25 dollars for a 10 to 12 hour shift, while kitchen staff would make as little as 50 dollars for their shifts. This type of treatment is not only illegal, but borders on the inhumane.

The Harman Firm urges people to boycott the growing list of restaurants in New York City that prey on workers. The systematic process of undermining workers’ rights should not be tolerated, nor rewarded.

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