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New York City Starbucks Cited For, Continues to Discriminate Against Union Workers

Recently, a Judge ruled against Starbucks for their firing of pro-Union employees, and attempting to silence any discussion of organizing. The ruling which came in December 2006, stems from the managers conduct who had fired employees who supported the union, prohibited discussion of organizing during work while other non-work conversation was allowed and limited the number of pieces of pro-Union paraphernalia an employee could wear and more.

The court ruled that the retail coffee chain must rehire the affected workers and give back pay. Part of the ruling stated that Starbucks must stop discriminating against workers who were union supporters.

However, The Gothamist reported last week that there where protests at multiple Starbucks outlets around the city, claiming that more pro-union employees had been laid off in retaliation for their involvement with unions, complicating the ruling that had come in December. The protesters stated that Starbucks is back to its old behavior of firing workers involved with unions, while giving false reasons for their termination.

In New York State it is illegal for an employer to discriminate based upon union organizing and involvement. If you have been terminated for, or believe to have been terminated for involvement regarding and surrounding a union, you should contact an employment attorney to evaluate your options.

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