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New York City Construction Worker Alleges Sexual Harrasment on Job Site

Bianca Wisniewski, a safety coordinator for a New York City construction company, has brought claims of sexual harassment and retaliation. The article- Pioneering female hardhat Bianca Wisniewski files $20M sexual harassment lawsuit, published today in the New York Daily News, details the workers claims. Wisniewski claims that while working for the Total Safety Company doing construction for JP Morgan Chase, she was repeatedly harassed, groped and propositioned by employees.

One particular employee, an elevator operator, is said to have groped her in the elevator and repeatedly propositioned her while she was employed at the company. When Wisniewski complained about these conditions, she was allegedly demoted and replaced with a white male employee.

While construction continues to be a male dominated industry, it is no excuse for the rampant sexual harassment that occurs daily. The mentality of it “being a mans world” is unacceptable in today’s world, and individuals who have been harassed should come forward to protect their rights.

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