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New Year Brings Minimum Wage Increases in Several States

Eight states will increase their minimum wage in the new year, including Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Montana, Ohio, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington. In fact, Washington will be the first state nationally to set its minimum wage above $9/hour.

So, what does this mean for workers who make minimum wage? For workers in states where the minimum wage has increased, it means that workers will make about $583 to $770 more per year, a substantial increase but not enough to push many of these workers and their families over the national poverty line. Although unusual, some cities have also elected to increase their minimum wage standards, including San Francisco who will increase their minimum wage to $10/hour, the highest minimum wage set for a big city in the US.

Federal minimum wage will remain at $7.25, although this recent trend in increasing the minimum wage has the potential to inspire another increase in the federal minimum wage level.

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