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New Jersey Expands Sexual Harassment Protection

In an important ruling in New Jersey’s appellate court, a decision today ordered that protection against sexual harassment exists not only between employees and employers, but also between business owners and clients as well.

The case at issue involved a female employee of a tire distributor and a client of hers who had purchased tires in the past. When the female employee rebuffed the client’s sexual advances, the client pulled all of his business away.

This sets a new precedent in examining sexual harassment and quid pro quo retaliation in an expanded business field. This is good news for employees who have dealt with clients, and met with sexual harassment in the course of their employment, while not necessarily being employed alongside the harasser.

No individual should choose between their career success and sexual advances, or worry about the repercussions of reporting sexual harassment. We hope to see this precedent expanded, and used by more states courts.

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