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New Feature! Employee of the Week!

I’ve decided to spend a post each week highlighting stories form across America about employees who are not terminated, or harassed, or bullied, but those that are recognized as having gone above and beyond the call of duty in their line of work.

This weeks winner is Assami Semde, pizza delivery man for Famiglia Pizza in Manhattan. While on a delivery, Mr. Semde was approached by two men who pulled a gun on him, demanding the pizzas. Mr. Semde, unfazed, dropped the pizzas. When the assailant bent down to pick them up, the 6’4″ Burkina Faso native tackled the would be attacker, and disarmed the other.

Following the incident, Mr. Semde called police, and one of the two suspects were eventually caught and arrested. Most impressive is that after the police arrived, Mr. Semde completed his delivery with the assistance of police.

We at the Harman Firm suggest Mr. Semde find a new career, possibly as a caped crusader.

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