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New Debt Collection Tactic: Facebook?

While this blog hasn’t often tackled the issue of debt and debt collectors, it remains a factor in employment decisions as raging unemployment has forced many American’s into crippling debt. Debt collectors, eager to collect on payments from individuals have come up with new ways to harass and intimidate people into paying.

The newest strategy from debt collectors is utilizing social networks like Facebook. Previously, debt collectors would employee private investigators to monitor their debtors employers, friends and families. But as more and more American’s take to the social network to share intimate details of their lives, debt collectors jobs have become increasingly easy.

Debt collectors and agencies have started using Facebook as a way to message a person’s personal contacts, including friends and employers to let them know they have a debt to pay. This embarrassing technique is incredibly invasive, and highlights the need to understand one’s online presence and privacy settings. With any website, you should be mindful of what data is publicly available and seen by anybody with an internet connection.

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