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Mormon Church Supports Local Sexual Orientation Discrimination Ordinance

After supporting Proposition 8 in California in a highly publicized campaign, the Mormon Church in Utah has come out in support of a local city ordinance which is designed to protect gays in the city from being discriminated against in employment and housing decisions: Mormon Support of Gay Rights Statute Draws Praise

After vehemently opposing the right for gays to be married in the state of California, this turn around is pleasantly surprising and appreciated, making Salt Lake City the only city within the state to support laws against sexual orientation discrimination.

While defending their support of traditional marriage arguments, they acknowledged that this deals entirely with employment and housing issues. The Church stated at a City Council meeting that “The issues before you tonight are the right of people to have a roof over their heads and the right to work without being discriminated against.”

For the Church to take such a stand is a bold move in the generally socially conservative organization, and hopefully will focus more attention on the issue, while bringing support for LGBT individuals across the country.

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