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More Employment Law Trouble For NYC Restaurant Saigon Grill

New York City restaurant chain Saigon Grill, who has previously been sued for violations of wage and hour law by delivery personnel, is now under fire again. Now, employees are alleging that the restaurant has engaged in a pattern of age discrimination.

The restaurants, which have come under new ownership after the previous owners paid out over $4.6 million dollars to settle a previous lawsuit alleging labor violations, is now accused of refusing to hire employees who were over 40 years old. The individuals, referred by a Chinese advocacy group, reported that while the new owners of the Saigon Grill on the Upper West Side of Manhattan hired a number of individuals referred, but refused to hire prospective workers who were older.

Individuals currently picketing outside of the restaurant say that when they confronted the manager and owner about illegally refusing to hire older workers, they were terminated as well. Further, employees who took steps to form unions and complain about proper wages and legal hours were demoted and had their hours cut.

It is apparent that while the management may have changed hands following the previous lawsuit, that the new owners have failed to take any of the lessons from court to heart and are instead continuing an illegal pattern of employment law violations.

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