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More Employee Harassment and Discrimination at New York City Mexican Restaurants

A group of employees at Mama Mexico restaurant in New York City have brought a suit against their employer, claiming a multitude of charges against the owners and management. Among other things, the suit claims that employees were cheated wages, failed to pay overtime, and unlawfully split tips from staff.

As well, the complaint has individual claims of pregnancy discrimination, retaliation for complaining about conditions, as well as a claim for assault and battery against an employee. These claims should hardly come as surprise to those paying attention to the seeming endless stream of employee abuse carried out by restaurants.

What is surprising however is the story of the founder of the chain of popular, upscale Mexican restaurants Juana Rojas Campos. Campos has received a great deal of attention for his life story, rising from the ranks of new immigrants in America, to owning a chain of successful and well received restaurants. However, it now seems the same person who fought hard to get to where his position in life now appears to have done it on the hard work and abuse of his employees, many of which have the same background.

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