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Microsoft Asks Employees Back for Severance Payments

Yesterday, it was revealed that Microsoft had sent letter to a number of recently laid off workers that it had accidentally overpaid them in their severance packages stemming from their firing of nearly 5,000 of their employees. The employees, victims of the first major layoff in the software giant’s history received letters instructing them to immediately remit the overages in their packages in exchange for a corrected tax document so they would not be taxed on the over paying.

However, after a flurry of bad PR for Microsoft the company quickly backpedaled and allowed the affected individuals to keep the overage. This is good news for the employees affected, but a troubling sign for workers in the marketplace as more and more workers are being let go in the economic downturn. If you have been let go, have an attorney review any severance packages offered as a part of the deal to ensure that your best interests are preserved, and to avoid any questionable tactics on the part of the employer.

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