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Madison Square Garden Security Guards Awarded $1.3 million for Overtime Claims

A lawsuit between a group of security guards at Madison Square Garden Arena has been settled for over $1.3 million dollars. The lawsuit was brought by four security guards on behalf of the class of workers, alleging that their employer illegally failed to pay them overtime wages as owed under New York State and Federal law.

The lawyer representing the security guards states that many of these employees had to work over 12-hour shifts, moving from one event from another within a day, and were routinely expected to work over 60-hours a week without any overtime compensation.

The settlement will be split between the lead plaintiffs, and the representative class of over 300 security guards with claims for overtime, with individual settlements based on an individual’s claim for hours and back pays.

It is truly disappointing to see New York area businesses continue to disregard both State and Federal law when it comes to paying employees fairly for their labor, especially when those employees are routinely working in excess of 40 hours. If employees are to work these long weeks, they should be fairly compensated, especially in the midst of this economic recovery where families are cutting back like never before.

If you’re owed unpaid wages, or believe that you are owed overtime and do not currently receive it, contact us today. We can help evaluate your rights and get you the money that you are owed.



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