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Lower Manhattan Personal Trainers Harassed, Retaliated Against

Five Manhattan personal trainers employed at the Battery Park Swim and Fitness Club in Lower Manhattan have come forward alleging sexual harassment on the part of one their managers. The group claims that they were subjected to number of incidents, amounting to a pattern of sexual harassment and retaliation against female employees of the club.

The trainers claim that superiors ogled them, and that they would often snap female trainers bra straps.

When the women complained to HR at the club, they were rebuffed and no action was taken against the offending employees. Most strangely, the five trainers were fired one by one after their complaints were made known to human resources.

This blatant act of retaliation is absolutely incredible in these times. No worker should be silences for voicing their concerns over unfair treatment and sexual harassment in the workplace.

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