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Lost Your Job? Join the Club!

A new trend has emerged among the recently and long term unemployed in the New York Metropolitan area. Spurred by the loss of jobs, and the search for new ones, job clubs have been popping up all over the area, giving job searches a community to call home.

The New York Times detailed the rise of these clubs in a recent article- Meeting to Mingle, Résumés in Tow. These clubs help seekers find conversation and community, as well as serve as an important resource for the members. The article details how an out of work attorney knew that his firm needed an accountant desperately, and helped raise awareness of the position amongst the members of his club.

The clubs can be found catering to all groups, some tailored towards Christian or Jewish professionals, some exclusively for women, as well as a job club that caters to out of work executives.

These clubs are an innovative way of dealing with the effects of losing ones job. While interesting, we hope that these do not become fixtures of the marketplace.

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