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Local NY1 Reporter Claims Sexual Harassment At TV Station

A local reporter for NY 1, Adele Samarco, has come forward with startling allegations of sexual harassment and retaliation. Samarco alleges that during her tenure as the first criminal justice reporter for the station,
she encountered an “old boys” culture that permitted an atmosphere conducive to sexual comments and actions, directed at her as she was a woman. She claims that when a technician had to fix her zipper on set,
the production crew turned it into a video circulated internally, complete with a typical porn soundtrack.

Further, she claims that her complaints to the station went unheeded, and allowed for these actions to continue against her. Samarco alleges the conduct has driven her away from the station, and has greatly impacted her ability to find similar work.

Her trial is continuing through this week, and we will keep you updated as it progresses.

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