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LIRR Engineer Sues For Gender Discrimination

Long Island Rail Road engineer Melissa Stampf has sued the Long Island Rail Road for wrongful termination and discrimination after being accused of sexual harassment. The employee claims that she was treated differently than male employees because she is a gay female, and that she is an Asian American.

She claims that she was terminated after putting her hand on a fellow colleagues shoulder and asking what was going on. However, this claim is refuted by the other employee and fellow coworkers, which say that Stampf grabbed the female employee’s breast.

While Stampf denies the sexual harassment charge, she says that she has been punished much harsher than her straight male colleagues who had been suspended for five days after being accused of similarly sexually harassing the same employee in question. Stampf had been fired following an investigation, while the other male employees remain employed with the LIRR.

We will keep up with this case as it progresses.

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