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LIRR Conductor Wins $480,000 Suit

Previously, we’ve reported on the Long Island Railroad Engineer caught up in a war of words between her previous employer and coworkers. The employee, Melissa Stampf, was placed on a 20-day probationary period after being accused of grabbing a fellow co-workers breast, and was ultimately terminated from her position. The employee contended that the accusations were fabricated, and that the punishment was completely out of line with how other co-workers allegedly involved with the incident or other sexual harassment.

Now, after the Jury deliberated for only three hours, the employee was awarded nearly half a million dollar in damages. Almost $150,000 of those damages come in the form of punitive damages on the part of the employee who allegedly fabricated the entire story about the breast grabbing.

In what has been a crazy back and forth of he said-she said, it is good to see a jury come out on the side of the wrongly accused employee.

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