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Lesbian Trainers Sue David Barton Gym For Harassment

A pair of trainers at the David Barton Gym in Chelsea, New York have filed a lawsuit alleging that they were discriminated against repeatedly for being lesbians. The pair, a personal trainer and a pilates instructor, reportedly were on the receiving end of numerous comments and harassing actions by their superiors.

One of plaintiffs stated that she was continually called derogatory slurs and that her direct manager saved her name in his phone as “Dyke”. The two also claim that other trainers would proposition them for sex, and tell them that they should go vacation on the island of Lesbos.

The pair complained about their harassment by superiors and managers at the gym. The gym, rather than responding to the allegations, terminated the two employees on December 2nd stating that they were terminated for training non-members. The pair stated that other straight trainers were doing the same, and were not even reprimanded for their behavior.

The gym was founded in Chelsea in 1994 and is generally considered a gay-friendly gym, making these allegations all the more troubling. A non-related lawsuit was filed by a member in 2005 claiming that he was repeatedly hit on by gay members at the gym and was sexually harassed by employees and members.

We’ve seen a dramatic rise in anti-gay employment discrimination coming to light. This is not to say this behavior is new or demonstrates a new attitude, rather that it’s likely that more and more individuals are comfortable with coming forward with these claims and standing up for their rights. If you feel you’ve been discriminated against because of your sexual identity, contact us today to evaluate your rights.

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