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Labor Leader Tim Costello Dies

We mourn the loss of visionary Tim Costello, a man who had prescient knowledge and understanding of the needs of hourly-wage workers and those at the lower end of the earning scale, those with little power to oppose outsourcing of jobs to other countries and the use of temporary workers – practices that eliminated jobs and job benefits for many American workers. He helped found Global Labor Strategies, “which fostered cross-boarder alliances to fight to improve wages and working conditions in the face of downward pressures from companies moving jobs over seas.” Mr. Costello also founded the North American Alliance for Fair Employment. Mr. Costello thought that “if you were on the left you will be working at it for the rest of your life, and you may not be successful, but it would be worth the effort.” We are hopeful that others will step forward to fill the shoes of this exceptional advocate for the American worker.

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