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Kew Gardens Co-op Owners Allege Anti-Gay Bias

A number of residents in a Kew Gardens, Queens Co-op building are fuming over their treatment by other residents and management of the building. A number of gay couples have come forward with allegations of discrimination and anger directed at them based on their sexual orientation.

Among the complaints is that the management, who refused to make required repairs to their apartments, including refusing to repair an apartment after a water pipe had burst in an apartment. As well, notes were left on the gay couple’s doors adorned with hateful slurs.

Some residents even referred to the floor on which three of the couples lived as the “AIDS Floor”. A few of the couples have sued for damages resulting from the failure to repair, but the lawsuits have only brought more retaliation against these couples based on their sexual orientation, causing one couple to bring a discrimination lawsuit.

This sort of behavior should never have to be tolerated by any individual. Discrimination on the basis of ones sexual orientation is always wrong, and often illegal. The Harman Firm believes that every individual has a right to live the way the choose, without discrimination or harassment from others.

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