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Justice Scalia advocates against privacy online, gets privacy invaded…

In an extremely interesting article found on the ABA website, some Fordham law students compiled a digital dossier of the Justice’s personal information after the conservative Justice made some public comments questioning the need for stricter privacy controls online.

Led by law professor Joel Ridenburgh, the students collected a massive amount of personal data on Scalia, creating a”15-page dossier that included not only Scalia’s home address, home phone number and home value, but his food and movie preferences, his wife’s personal e-mail address and photos of his grandchildren”

Confronted with this amount of data, Scalia was fuming at this exercise, clearly unaware of his early comments regarding the need for privacy controls. As more and more individuals use the internet every day for more and more purposes, we are leaking data everywhere allowing careful internet users to create these digital profiles of individuals. When you visit a website, be more aware of what data they are asking for, and for what purposes.

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