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Justice Roberts Decries Lack Of Judicial Confirmations

Using his year end review, Chief Justice Roberts has expressed his anger with the Senate’s delay in approving the dozens of judicial appointments. The failure to pass the judicial nominations along to President Obama has resulted in excessive caseloads in Federal courts throughout the country, and a backlog in the judicial system.

In what is normally an apolitical statement, the conservative justice lashed out at the delay. Justice Roberts has tried to paint both parties as obstructionists, while in fact the problem lies on the shoulders of Senate Republicans intent on delaying any Obama nominations.

Since August, Republicans have allowed action on a single judicial nominee. Republicans have also failed to let their objections to particular nominees known, making it even more difficult for any positive movement on their nominations. Over the last two years, only sixty Judges in District and Circuit Courts have been confirmed, the lowest for any two year period in history.

We at the Harman Firm believe that this political game is unfairly affecting Americans and their right to a fair and speedy trial as laid out in the Constitution. The backlog created by Republican obstructionism is unfair to those trying to have their case heard fairly. We urge that both parties work together to resolve these delays, and further protect the rights of all Americans.

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