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Jewish Boss Sued For Banning Cross

Just in time for the holiday season comes a lawsuit filed in New York Supreme Court. A Roman Catholic employee has come forward alleging that as a sales executive for a Midtown watch company was barred from wearing a cross in the work place.

The employee, Jamie Errico, claims that she was scolded for wearing the cross in the office place and was told “adamantly” that she should never wear the cross again. The lawsuit further states that the other Jewish employees were allowed to wear yarmulkes and Star’s of David, and were allowed to routinely meet for prayers.

Further, the suit claims that non-Jewish employees were docked for taking off time on Christmas eve, while Jewish employees were routinely given time off whenever needed on the eve of holidays.

This holiday season, we want to remind employees and employers that religious discrimination is not only just wrong, it is illegal. Employers should take careful steps to maintain order and respect in the workplace, creating an environment where all employees are treated fairly and within the law.

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