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Jets Hit With Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Two former massage therapists for the playoff-bound Jets have sued their former employers, claiming that they were terminated after complaining about lewd texts from star quarterback Bret Favre. The therapists, Christina Scavo and Shannon O’Toole claim they were sent texts from Favre where he requested sex from the two.

Scavo showed the texts to her husband, who reacted towards Favre angrily, prompting further outbursts from him. Scavo claims that when she reported the texts to the Jets, she was no longer asked to come back to provide any massage services to the team. O’Toole, who is friends with Scavo, claims that she was terminated since Scavo had gotten the job for her.

The Jets have been no strangers to controversy this season, with reporter Jenn Sterger claiming that Brett Favre inappropriately texted her, while reporter Ines Sainz came forward with allegations that the Jets’ locker room was a wild den, and was sexually harassed and cat-called in the presence of the team.

The incident raises many issues with what constitutes sexual harassment in the age of mobile technology. As we’ve reported before, the definition of sexual harassment is any unwanted comments, gestures or remarks based on an individuals sex and extends to text message harassment. Read more on sexual harassment and what you can do about it on our website.

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