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Its That Time Of Year Again…

Now that the holidays are upon us, its time to turn attention to office holiday parties! While these events can and should be a fun time for coworkers to celebrate the holidays together and relax, these parties can often get out of hand and create embarrassing situations.

Most notably, the mixing of alcohol and coworkers can create undesirable work situations. Employees want to make sure they don’t over do it this holiday season– no one wants to make a fool of themselves in front of their coworkers. Worse, if a situation gets out of hand it could be grounds for an reprimand, or other negative employment action.

As well, the mix of alcohol and coworkers can lead to other awkward encounters. Alcohol can lead to unwanted sexual harassment and inappropriate touching. A reminder that alcohol is never an excuse for this type of behavior. Further, laws against sexual harassment go beyond regular office conduct, and would cover any sort of conduct at official holiday parties.

No one wants to be a party-pooper- this holiday season be mindful and your holiday office parties should go off without a hitch.

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