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Illinois Governor Signs Law Making Pre-employment Credit Checks Illegal

Governor Pat Quinn of Illinois signed a bill into law last week which bans the practice of requiring employees to go through pre-employment credit checks as a condition for a job. As individual’s credit ratings have taken severe hits during this prolonged recession, bills such as this one,
which prevent any credit related hurdles from thwarting job seekers are a step in the right direction.

The bill does provide some exceptions, especially for workers in the finance and banking industry as they are directly responsible for personal financial information, as well as exemptions for individuals who are a personally responsible for a company’s financial transactions and those with access to a companies business accounts.

We at the Harman Firm believe that obstacles to employment, such as credit checks, should not be used as a determinate in hiring individuals except in limited ways. All individuals should compete for jobs without worrying about how their credit score make negatively impact them.

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