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How College Sexual Abuse and Harassment Are Overlooked

Sexual harassment in college and university settings has long been a problem, but only recently has drawn national attention. Two key recent scandals at Pennsylvania State University and Syracuse University are the cause of this new attention, and also growing concern.

It was a shock to hear that, after decades of cited sexual abuse and molestation, the assistant coach of Pennsylvania State University’s successful football team was finally indicted and investigated. The investigations, while still ongoing, have revealed shocking patterns of university cover ups. How could that many years of abuse and harassment be brushed under the rug?

However, this type of sexual abuse and harassment is widespread, from single victim cases to ones involved multiple victims. Recently, Syracuse University faced a similar situation with their associate head coach of the men’s basketball team, Bernie Fine. Despite abuse dating back to 1884, and various reports made to the administration during that time, Mr. Fine did not suffer any adverse employment actions until his termination last week. The termination arose because a third potential victim came forward and an incriminating voice recording of Mr. Fine’s wife speaking to a victim of Mr. Fine’s abuse.

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