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House Extends Unemployment Benefits for Neediest States

On September 23, the House approved an extension of unemployment benefits for those collecting in states with an unemployment rate over 8.75%. This extension will apply to 27 states and the District of Columbia, and come at a time when many states unemployment roles are swelling while coffers are dwindling.

At the same time, Senator Max Bacchus from Montana is looking at ways to fund programs in the remaining states, not just the states with an employment rate near 9 percent. The remaining 23 states with lower rates of unemployment would seem to be left out of this current extension, forcing these states to figure out novel ways to cope with increasing unemployment.

The rise in unemployment throughout the country has been straining the budgets of states everywhere are recovery efforts are slow to trickle back down to hiring. Despite rosy pictures of economic outlooks from economists, this upturn has failed to result in substantial job hiring across the board, causing many to wonder what good is coming out of a recession if there are no jobs. This jobless recovery is a troubling paradox and a symbol of the recovery efforts so far.

We here at The Harman Firm sympathize with all workers who have been out of work and continue to look for suitable employment.

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