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Hedge Fund Manager Had History Of Sexual Harassment

Russel Abrams, a hedge fund manager currently being sued for reportedly misleading investors at Titan Capitol Group, had had a history of sexual harassment. Abrams, whose hedge fund has lost much of its value and has had a long history of trouble with the fund, was previously involved in a high-profile sex discrimination suit.

The suit, filed by two former employees, alleged that Abrams demanded that the two women print out naked pictures of his wife. Abrams wife countered that the women had received the pictures illegally, and were using them to blackmail Abrams into a payoff. The plaintiffs in the case alleged that he forced them to transfer and print the images, and that Abrams had lorded over the office and the two assistants, bossing them around and making derogatory comments about them.

Abrams and his wife later counter-sued the two plaintiffs, alleging that the pictures were being used as blackmail.

We have seen financial sector produce a number of sexual harassment suits lately, with this case joining the “too-hot for Chase” bank teller, and other lawsuits alleging sexual harassment and discrimination in the banking and finance world. Is it the combination of money and traditional masculine roles that produces these results? In any even, no person should be subject to sexual harassment and we encourage all those affected to come forward and report such behavior.

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