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Greenwich, CT Teacher Sues School Over Age Discrimination Claim

A teacher in a Greenwich, Connecticut school district is suing, claiming that she was not hired for a position as a result of her age. The teacher, aged 57 when she applied for the job as an instructor in the school’s Family and Consumer Sciences Department, was passed up because she was older. The school district hired a 24-year old assistant cheerleader coach instead, who was not certified to teach in the school system at the time of her hiring. The individual bringing the suit was fully certified, and had 14 years of teaching experience.

Following an EEOC hearing and finding. the teacher was finally hired by the school district. However, she is now bringing a Federal Age Discrimination charge against the district, claiming lost wages for the two years between the failure to hire and eventual placement within the Greenwich school district.

Given the budget shortfalls in district’s throughout America, it is both disappointing that school continue to fail to adhere to Federal laws and guidelines for hiring have resulted in lawsuits such as this.

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