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Got a situation at work? Here are some tips to address complaints.

Everyone from time to time encounters situations at work that leave them feeling uncomfortable, distracted from their job, or create awkwardness between employees. While most employees find themselves in these situations from time to time, not all employees are ready to have their complaints heard about their situation.

Understandably, some individuals are hesitant to come forward to complain about a particular situation. Nobody wants to be a constant complainer, but there is some truth to the adage that the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Filing formal complaints following an incident allows employers to address work place situations before they get out of hand, and to allow for the proper channels to work.

Here are a few tips for complaining:

– Bring the situation to the immediate attention of your supervisor, preferably in writing. Putting your complaints into writing helps establish a history of the problem, and gives you a record of when and how you made your complaints.

– Follow the procedures outlined in your employment agreement or human resources manual. Following the proscribed processes will help ensure that your complaints are handled in an appropriate manner.

-Remain calm. It is easy to get carried away, especially if a situation is complicated or of a sensitive nature, but getting mad and aggressive will generally muddle a situation further. Instead, keep your cool and allow some time for your complaints to be addressed.

– However, if a complaint is serious and involves someones life or safety, you should take action immediately.

-Keep records! Forward any emails you receive to an outside, personal email account to keep for your own records. Many times in employment situations, HR and other departments suddenly “lose” any details of your complaints and situation.

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