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Glass stairs?

Glass stairs can be interpreted as a modern vision of architecture – an elaborate showing of how far we’ve come as a society in terms of innovation and design. To others, it can be a symbol of thoughtlessness or even a hostile work environment.

After spending $105 million dollars of taxpayer money on a brand new courthouse in Ohio, builders and many others have faced heavy criticism for not thinking about what appears to be an obvious flaw: the fact that women, who often wear dresses or skirts, will be using the stairs. Although some are taking a jesting attitude toward the new construction, like one judge who was quoted in the Columbus Dispatch as saying “”if you wear dresses, you’re on notice that you might want to take the elevator, as I will be doing,” many have been offended by the apparent thoughtlessness that went into the planning and construction of the stairs.

The big question that remains, however, is will they have to redo the stairs? Follow the story here.

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