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Fox News Sued By EEOC For Sexual Harassment

A former Fox News reporter now has the EEOC on her side after she was terminated. The reporter, Catherine Herridge, was terminated after she complained to superiors that she was being treated differently since she was a woman, and was receiving less pay than similarly situated men.

The complaints were made in 2007, and Fox found that there was no discrimination at work with Herridge’s situation. Following the events, Herridge’s contract came up for renewal. The contract contained language about her complaints regarding discrimination, and were worded in a way which tried to prevent her from complaining in the future.

Herridge refused such a contract, and demanded the language be taken out of the contract. Fox refused, and placed Herridge on an at-will basis. Herridge complained to the EEOC, which led to an on-site investigation and later a lawsuit filed on her behalf.

The lawsuit, filed under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, this case demonstrates that an unlawful employment action by an employer is not limited to termination. There are degrees of employment discrimination, and can take many different forms. If you feel you have been discriminated against, or subject to unfair treatment you should contact an attorney.

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