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Fox News Employee Sues Former Employer for Race Discrimination

What is going on over at Fox News? We’ve previously written about Catherine Herridge, who complained of sexual harassment and gender discrimination while employed with the network, and now a technician has come forward alleging racial discrimination.

The employee, Harmeen Jones, who is black, reports having racist comments directed at him. Jones says that workers were watching footage of Tea Party rallies and commented that “This is what happens when you mess with white people’s health care.” Comments were also directed at him discussing other workers unease with having a black president, and instances where he was called a “gangster” and looked ready to shoot someone.

The suit alleges that this behavior was part of a pattern of abuse that was permissive in Fox News headquarters in Manhattan. Jones seeks $5 million dollars in damages following his termination from the network after repeated complaints about the abuse and harassment.

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