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Former Syracuse Basketball Player Accuses Coach of Sexual Harassment

A former woman’s college basketball player at powerhouse Syracuse University has come forward accusing her former coach of sexual harassment. The player, Lynnae Lampkins, has accused her coach of inappropriate touching, comments and incessant text messages. In a statement Lampkins claimed that this is the reason that she would not be returning to the Big East team.

Now, the Department of Education’s Civil Rights is investigating these complaints against the coach Quentin Hillsman. Lampkins claimed that she was uncomfortable with chest bumps and butt slaps, common practice in male sports. Lampkins claimed she also received a text message saying “I love you, I miss you, I can’t wait to see you”. Coach Hillsman claims that the text was sent in the off-season to many of his returning players from the previous season.

Syracuse University has allowed Lampkins to keep her scholarship while at the University, but has thrown its support behind the Coach. Syracuse has stated that they have conducted their own investigation into Hillsman’s behavior, and has found no cause for action or discipline.

This incident highlights the expanding nature of sexual harassment that occurs on college campuses. While there may not be an employment situation as we are used to seeing, there are many other things at stake including scholarship money along with the right to attend school without being threatened or harassed. Read more on college sexual harassment on our site here

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