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Flushing Transportation Company Beat, Took Advantage of Immigrant Workers

A Queens businessman who runs a number of operations throughout the city has been accused by workers of employing mob like tactics against his employees. Tony Luo, who operates taxi and bus services, is accused by former workers of beating employees with walkie talkies, a misdemeanor charge he is currently facing. As well, Luo is accused of forcing employees to pay protection money, as well as intimidating employees with violence.

A number of employees took to the streets in Flushing to protest their unfair treatment. The workers claim that they are being taken advantage of because many of them are illegally in the country, putting them in a vulnerable position and with few options to turn to.

According to a report by the Daily News- Drivers blast hell on wheels– , one driver paid over $20,000 to get a job as a bus driver working for Luo, only to be harassed and hit up for more money by Luo’s associates demanding protection money.

These are troubling accusations by these workers. Many of these workers are undocumented, compounding the problems faced by workers in a similar situation who are struggling to get by and start new lives in the United States. Illegal immigrants have very few options and people to turn to when their employers take advantage and threaten them, showing the precarious situation many of these workers are in.

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