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Florida Women Allegedly Fired For Large Breasts

A Florida woman has filed suit against her former employer, claiming that her large breasts were a deciding factor in her termination. The employee, Amy Erin Blakely, worked for the non-profit The Devereaux Foundation in Orange County, Florida. Blakely claims that she was repeatedly harassed for being a full figured woman, and that was retaliated against after complaining about such treatment.

In one particular incident, Blakely was told by a coworker that her breasts were distracting to other workers and was causing a problem in the workplace. Further, she was instructed to cover herself up in the future so she would no longer distract other employees.

Blakely, as claimed in her lawsuit against the foundation, states that she was a long-time employee of the Devereaux Foundation and had a promising career within the organization. However, this rise was promptly halted once she began filing internal grievances against the company alleging sexual harassment.

It is interesting to note that Blakely is being represented by Debrahlee Lorenzana, the infamous Citi Bank employee who claimed she was terminated for being too attractive. To read more on sexual harassment and what your rights are, head on over to The Harman Firm’s Sexual Harassment page.

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