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Female principal files discrimination complaint with EEOC.

Middle School Principal Katherine Mulderig filed a gender-discrimination complaint last March, stemming from comments Richards made to her in proposing a job change in February. Dr. Randy Richards, Lake Placid School Superintendent, who made comments referring to female teachers as “bitchy”, is now faced with an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission complaint filed by Mulderig.

Mulderig stated: “I filed a complaint under Title VII discrimination for gender bias, sex discrimination and harassment in the place of employment with the EEOC.” The Adirondack Daily Enterprise reported that Richards told Mulderig he wanted her to switch to elementary-school principal because he needed someone “bitchier to govern the bitchy” female teachers in the elementary school.

Parents, former teachers and students have responded to the allegations with furor, going so far as to demand Richards’s resignation. Theresa Goddeau, a Lake Placid Elementary School teacher said she considers the words “bitchy” and “bitchier” references to female teachers, suggesting it is an issue of gender discrimination.

So far there has been no resignation and the case will proceed through the EEOC and a potential gender discrimination law suit.

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