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Federal Charges Against UWS Superintendent For Sexual Harassment

A lawsuit has been filed by the US Attorney’s Office in the Southern District of New York against a pervy superintendent. The super, William Barnason, is convicted sex offender who had spent 14 years in prison in connection with molestation and rape, and had been working at the three buildings on the Upper West Side for some time.

The charges comes against Barnason after numerous tenants coming forward to say that Barnason had made inappropriate comments, and attempted to touch a number of the individuals. Further, Barnason would come to individual’s apartments drunk, and try to force himself in. When residents rebuffed him, he would refuse to make necessary repairs or withhold mail from them.

According to the suit, the building’s owner was also aware of Mr. Barnason’s behavior, but failed to take any action against him and kept him on the job.

These charges are incredible, considering Mr. Barnason’s past, and for an owner to knowingly allow him near families and children is quite shocking.

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