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Father of two fired after leaving work to go to the hospital

A Brooklyn chef working at Tina’s Restaurant was fired after telling his boss he needed to go to the hospital. The 36 year old father of two was let go after taking the time off to see to his illness, leaving him unemployed with very few other options.

The employee has attracted the attention of Councilwoman Gael Brewer, who has introduced legislation recently that would require employers to give full time employees paid sick time. This maneuver would help workers across the city cope with the effects of illnesses without losing their jobs. Having to pay for health care on top of losing ones job is a situation no able worker should be in.

We here at the Harman Firm believe workers should not have to risk their jobs to attain health care. We support the actions of Councilwoman Brewer in her quest to help workers cope with illness and protect their jobs in their absence.

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