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Equality for Women in the Military?

Over the past few decades, women have gained substantial ground in advocating their rights in the workplace. Today, most private companies at the very least purport to support equality, although this is not always achieved.

But what about in the military? The Senate last month blocked consideration for an amendment that would have lifted a statutory ban inhibiting women in the military from using healthcare coverage for abortions arising from rape or incest. Currently, women in the military are only allowed to use their healthcare coverage for abortions which imperil their lives.

Politics aside, this consideration being shot down doesn’t sound too outrageous. But consider this – women incarcerated in Federal penitentiaries have more rights for abortions than women in the military. Rape victims who are incarcerated received government-funded abortion care. So, why do female inmates appear to have more rights when it comes to abortion coverage from the government than women serving in the military?

Follow the story as it develops.

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