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Employment Plaintiff Attorney Turned Judge Up For Appeals Court Judgeship

U.S District Judge Denny Chin, of the Southern District of New York, is set to be appointed to 2nd Circuit of Appeals. The move comes from the White House, nominating Chin to take over the seat left vacant by Justice Sotamayor who has just been confirmed by the US Supreme Court.

This is excellent news for Judge Chin, another achievement in his long record of service. Judge Chin was born in Hong Kong, before coming to America at a young age. Following graduation from Fordham Law School, Chin was a plaintiff side attorney handling employment law cases.

Chin has been known for his compassion and judicial restraint in many of his decisions in his tenure as a judge. However, Chin received much notoriety for his highest profile case while in the Southern District of New York- overseeing the Bernard Madoff case.

Chin was widely applauded for refusing to allow Madoff out on bail, and for throwing the book at the swindler by giving him the maximum allowable sentence, calling the crime horrific and had taken “a great human toll”.

All in the legal community should applaud the decision to promote Judge Chin to the 2nd Circuit of Appeals, having proven himself in and outside of the courtroom. We here at the Harman Firm look forward to his continued success.

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