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Employment Law Case Heads to the Supreme Court

During the Supreme Court’s coming session, it will hear a case that could potentially inform and influence the way in which an employment decision is viewed. The case, Straub v. Proctor Hospital, centers on an Army Reservists claim that he was terminated as a result of his military service and status.

According to a lower court’s decision, Straub was terminated following fifteen years of service, and that a superior to him had held strongly anti-military views. However, the individual who carried out the termination was a different individual, and did not hold such views.

The Supreme Court case will decide the extent to which an individuals discriminatory belief and conducts informs a management decision to terminate an employee, and the degree to which the persons conduct informs the individual actually tasked with doing the firing or other adverse employment decision.

This could have huge ramifications, in that the beliefs of superiors who did not actually carry out any termination, but may have authorized them will come into question in determining some discrimination suits.

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