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EEOC Hit With Seven Figure Fine in Sexual Harassment Case

In a surprising decision, an Iowa Federal Judge has fined the EEOC over 4.5 million dollars in attorneys fees and other fines resulting from a trial involving 270 female employees of a trucking company.

The employees had claimed that they had been subjected to a pattern of sexual harassment by managers of the trucking company.

However, through the course of the trial many of the EEOC’s arguments were eventually thrown out. The Judge had cited the fact that the EEOC did not conduct a thorough investigation of their clients claims, and that the EEOC asserted many claims without properly researching and backing their claims up.

While not unheard of, the decision against the EEOC is a huge fine against the organization, and results from the defense’s complete dismissal of all claims against the trucking company.

The EEOC has stated that they will appeal the decision.

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