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EEOC finds discrimination in NYC Prinicipals Ousting

The EEOC has found that a principal at Brooklyn’s Khalil Gibran International School was forced out amid a storm of racial and national origin discrimination. The school, which is the only public school focused on teaching Arabic, faced a number of challenges from individuals who were opposed to the ideology of the City-funded school.

The school, which was founded in 2007 and was led by Debbie Almontaser, a Yemini woman. The school was met by a flurry of opposition by Conservative groups who called Ms. Almontaser a terrorist, a 9/11 denier and radical Muslim. Further, Ms. Almontaser sat on a board for a group, which had lent space to a group who created shirts with the word “intifada” on them- to which Ms. Alomontaser said she had no knowledge of.

Following the New York Post’s radical misinterpretation of her remarks, and the ensuing media storm, Ms. Almontaser resigned following pressure from the teachers union and the Department of Education.

The EEOC’s finding is both a positive take on this case, as well as surprising, in that the EEOC rarely takes such a strong position on these cases such as this.

We at the Harman Firm hope to see Ms. Almontaser prevail on her claims, and believes that the Department of Education should launch a detailed investigation into her claims before others are fired at the whims of reactionary groups.

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